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Kookaburra Kids' program was founded in 2002 in southern Sydney to support young people living in a family affected by mental illness. The community-based mental health program has been delivered in NSW for almost 20 years.
Our program for children aged 8-18, is based around recreational and creative fun activities, where peer group socialising and workshops on mental health literacy is embedded. In 2020, due to Covid we devised an online forum ‘Kookaburra Kids Connect’ to keep connectedness between our kids – currently around 1,000 are registered in NSW.

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This project is to support up to 40 young people into Kookaburra Kids Connect, an online youth-led forum delivered into the home in families experiencing mental illness. Connect is designed to increase the young person's sense of belongingness and connectedness. Additionally, the program helps empower young people by improving mental health literacy and to promote safe and positive help-seeking behaviours.

Sessions are “hosted” by AKKF staff and volunteers to be a safe area where young people can express themselves in a supportive environment. The hosts do not record the sessions nor are these sessions designed to be like a school lesson or a therapy appointment.

At the conclusion, a host runs a short (about 10 minutes) fun, structured activity, that everyone does together. This helps the participant’s brains have a rest from all the unstructured thinking and emotions that may be discussed in the session and gives each participant a chance to process and understand their thoughts.

This opportunity opens for more talk beyond Connect, about their thoughts to be shared with people they trust, when they understand their thoughts themselves.
This builds resilience and helps young people learn how to make positive choices for your emotional wellbeing.

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