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Asylum seekers and refugees, food from their countries or origin: Social enterprise catering, from Parliament on King. We provide catering, but there’s more to us than just another caterer: here’s two interesting things about us:

1.We specialise in food that comes from the home lands of the asylum seekers and refugees with which we work.

Yes, we do yummy local food, the best sandwiches around and other things, but it’s the international food that we do that makes us special.

2.The business is run as a social enterprise, with proceeds used to fund the refugee and asylum seekers projects and training we do at Parliament on King and our new ‘sister’ project, Uma, curry and roti house.

Our mission is simple: to make lovely food for you. But in doing this we address the barriers to economic, social and cultural participation asylum seekers, refugees and recent arrivals to Australia face.

As you can imagine, it can be pretty tough arriving here as an outsider, it can be a lonely and difficult thing. Finding a place where you feel valued and wanted, where you can make a new start and a good life can be a very daunting.
They face enormous barriers and our social catering is all about helping them overcome those barriers by providing real work, training and community.

Program donations fund:

At Parliament on King, through our registered charity The International Shift, we’ve been paying members of our wonderful asylum seeker and refugee team to make food from the countries of origin, (soups, noodles, rices), then donate them, for free, to those in need.

At any time this can include, international students, the homeless, local public housing tenants in distress, members of the local indigenous community in lock down - anyone feeling the pain of these difficult times.

Two beautiful things are happening here:

1.Our refugee and asylum seeker chefs are getting much paid to make some lovely meals.

2.And courtesy of our lovely team of dedicated volunteers, fresh healthy and nutritious meals are getting into the hands of people experiencing food insecurity.

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