PlateItForward’s model is a range of social enterprise hospitality programs, all of which have been developed from direct consultations with our target communities.

Our programs include:

  • Our commercial restaurant ‘Colombo Social’ in Enmore provides training and employment for asylum seekers and refugees, and these individuals make up 100% of our front-of-house staff.

  • ‘Ability Social Training School’ is a 20-week paid kitchen training program for community members, teaching individuals the skills needed for a long-term career in hospitality. During community consultations and interviews with potential students for ‘Ability Social,’ we witnessed concerning levels of mental health issues, loneliness and often a complete lack of food preparation skills or knowledge. Vulnerable community members helped during this program are often dealing with prolonged social isolation, systemic racism and trauma, violence, food insecurity, unsecure work, drug and alcohol addiction, digital exclusion and tenancy instability.

  • ‘The Social Meal’ tackles food insecurity and tenancy disadvantage through a meal donation program, which we run in coordination with key charity partners across Sydney’s Inner West. Through this initiative we currently donate 1000 meals a week to the community, helping to increase access to opportunity for those facing food insecurity, digital exclusion, social isolation and housing disadvantage + tenancy disputes. During COVID-19, the number of these charity partners was at 25. We hope to reach this number again, greatly increasing awareness and action on social and food sustainability, both in-person and digitally. Our program has facilitated strong connections between our charity partners and their community members, where support can be provided when handing over meals.

  • ‘The Social Table’ increases social participation through shared meals, cooking classes and digital inclusion programs.

  • ‘AccessAbility Social’, currently in development, will mean PlateitForward is a registered NDIS food service provider, delivering delicious culturally appropriate meals to those living with a disability.

Program donations fund:

PlateitForward is a multi-faceted, community-driven organisation providing food, cooking lessons, kitchen training, qualifications, confidence and employment to Sydney’s disadvantaged community members. Our programs facilitate sustainable pathways of job creation and long-term education outcomes in community and training, enabling marginalised communities to thrive.

PlateitForward recognises that cycles of employment and opportunity are necessary to the thriving future of vulnerable communities. Our programs encourage ongoing relationships and community consultations built on trust, so that individuals have the support, resilience and skills to empower themselves and their communities.

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