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Our organisation supports people affected by sexual, domestic or family violence. We believe every person deserves to be listened to and supported in their recovery. Our expert counsellors are all trauma specialists. This means they understand the impacts of violence. They can work with each person in the way that suits them best.

Our counsellors are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week by telephone or online. We also provide face to face counselling at some Women’s Health Centres in NSW. Our organisation often speaks to government, the media and the community about preventing violence. We aim to prevent violence by changing attitudes and improving gender equality

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people experience significantly higher rates of sexual, domestic and family violence than the general population. Because of systemic racism and ongoing colonisation, they also face barriers to accessing support services.

Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia recognises that ending sexual, domestic, and family violence requires an intersectional approach that centres the knowledge and experiences of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. That’s why we’re fundraising for a paid internship position for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander tertiary students, to help shape policy, design training, and contribute to current domestic and family violence responses and solutions.

This will be an opportunity for an Indigenous university student to develop their skills, knowledge and experience and kick start their career in the field of research, policy and law reform.

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