Rosebank Child Sexual Abuse Service Inc.

Fundraising for: Rosebank Child Sexual Abuse Service Inc.

Fundraising for: Rosebank Child Sexual Abuse Service Inc.


Rosebank offers free specialised trauma informed counselling to some of the most vulnerable families in Liverpool, Fairfield and Campbelltown LGAs. We give children and Young People who have been impacted by sexual abuse an opportunity to be themselves, find their strengths and be in control of their therapeutic process.

Rosebank has over 35 years of history supporting families and a strong reputation with our community. With your additional help, we can do so much more.

A holistic approach and emotional support is offered to their non-offending family members and networks including schools. The impact goes well beyond the individual. The family, social network and wider community all benefit through client engagement, better use of resources and prevention of long-term problems. Rosebank offers a safe place to process complex trauma.

We are a small organisation, with a big heart, making a huge difference!

Program donations fund:

Our specialised counsellor will have additional hours to engage more families and offer more support. Our counselling empowers clients to create their own healing story. This increases wellbeing through self actualisation and choice. Symptoms of trauma like social isolation, disengagement from education, substance abuse and feelings of helplessness can lead to self-destructive behaviour, criminal activity and the cycle of violence. Intervention and counselling allow safety for our clients to be themselves, reengage in the things they enjoy and surround themselves with the people who they can trust and support them.

Rosebank is passionate about helping families reach their full potential. These funds will reinforce the specialised counselling we offer by allowing additional vital counselling hours and engaging new families. All the funds we receive will be directed straight to supporting children, young people and their families. Any support will make an immense difference to the vulnerable lives we are committed to helping.

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