Rotary Club of Sydney Cove

Fundraising for: Rotary Club of Sydney Cove

Fundraising for: Rotary Club of Sydney Cove


Sydney Cove Rotary is one of Sydney’s largest Rotary clubs. We are a diverse group of passionate and like-minded people with the common goal of giving back to the community we live and work in. What sets us apart is that we catch up over breakfast every Friday, on a boat on beautiful Sydney Harbour to explore local and international projects, listen to inspiring speakers and network.

Members of our club are actively involved in a number of club projects, some of which have been running for years. Yet we are always open to supporting new causes, such as the Aboriginal Child and Family Health Project.

All of our causes and projects are broken into various committees that members can be a part of. These committees cover five areas: Community, Youth leadership, Vocational, International services, and Climate Action & Peace.

Program donations fund:

The Aboriginal Child and Family Health Project will take a successful (award-winning) community/clinical partnership model-of-care, with emphasis on ‘early intervention‘ in reducing Aboriginal child mortality and morbidity in Eastern Sydney, and replicate it in Western Sydney where the need is even greater.

The Project will aim to promote well-being and prevention for our First Nations people who currently suffer from a much higher degree of maternal issues such as Foetal Alcohol Syndrome Disorder (FASD) and developing diseases in Aboriginal children including Impetigo, Trachoma, general infections (that could lead to Sepsis) and importantly it will actively assist in helping children’s Neurological developments. Having raised funds to employ an Aboriginal Project officer and research assistant, the next phase is the 'Community Engagement with key stakeholders & community groups'. Subsequent phases will include: Mapping of current Aboriginal Family Programs in Western Sydney, Establishing Aboriginal Reference Groups & full Family engagements, Commence Site Operation, and Sustained, engaged relationships with Aboriginal stakeholders.

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