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The youth services of the Northern Sydney Region are collaborating to address three shared challenges:

  • Increased demand for services in the context of COVID and significant waiting lists (10-12 weeks) for all organisations.

  • Increased complexity of needs that many young people and their families are struggling with. There are many quality service providers in the region. However, this can make it tricky for young people and families to work out which service or services to approach for the support that is going to be the best fit for their needs.

With the support of the Rotary Club of Wahroonga and Sydney Community Foundation, we have already collaborated to increase the safety and wellbeing of young people who are on waiting lists for 1:1 counselling, case management or mentoring support by:

  • providing an online group program for young people who are waiting for 1:1 support
  • Providing access to relevant workshops for parents of young people who are waiting for 1:1 support

Program donations fund:

Establishing a care co-ordination function – ‘No Wrong Door’
The vision is for a model which ensures that there is ‘no wrong door’. Regardless of which organisation a young person or their family reaches out to, a common intake process will be used. Data collected will be shared (with permission) with a care navigation team, who will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that young people and their families are connected with support that is the best fit for their needs

  • Proactively reaching out to all young people who are on waiting lists for 1:1 support, to watch for emerging or escalating risks and connect the young person with more immediate support when needed

  • Following up to ensure that the support offered met the needs of the young person and their families and that where a service was not a good fit, alternative services will be found

    We would use the funds to focus on Phase 1: Developing the Value Proposition.

    This involves scoping requirements and identifying the potential care navigation platform that best meets needs and enables effective back-end system integration.
    The cost of phase 1 is $40k (this is the figure provided in answer to the question about cost of the project in the section below) The total cost of all phases of the project is $150k

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