Think+DO Tank Foundation

Fundraising for: Think+DO Tank Foundation

Fundraising for: Think+DO Tank Foundation


Think+DO Tank Foundation collaborates with low socio-economic and marginalised, urban communities in NSW.
We focus on culturally and linguistically diverse women, youth and children.
Together, we develop a shared way of doing things, designing projects and enterprises that have a demonstrated and lasting impact.
Our evidence-based, replicable approaches improve social cohesion; reduce isolation; strengthen community capacity; and foster equity.

By using the arts, imagination, creativity and social enterprise to approach communities we shift the realms of possibility while we simultaneously address the pragmatic challenges of disadvantage that hinder change.

Art asks us to examine our humanity, to amplify the threads that connect us and diminish those that divide us through geography, language and politics. Art starts conversations, holds and celebrates diverse points of view and asks each of us to imagine, and to create a world that does not yet exist.

How can we create change if we don't have the imagination to design a different world for ourselves?

The Think+DO Tank Foundation amplifies the stories of people and their places, in their own languages and in English. We explore how arts-based approaches can shift systems that reinforce poverty. By creating space for artistic self-expression in the languages spoken in the communities around us each of us can take an equal place in making new Australian stories and imagining new possibilities, together.

Program donations fund:

Think+DO Tank Foundation will use your support to fund psychological and social support for participants in our daily creative and public program. We work with migrant and refugee community women by strengthening the quality of social connection, developing trust and enabling full agency through the skilled work of our bilingual community connectors and experienced social workers and psychologists. We know that skilled, experienced and culturally and linguistically responsive support is one of the greatest obstacles to full social, cultural and economic participation amongst migrant and refugee women, their families and communities. "WITH HEART" is a relational, multilingual strategy to wrap skilled psychological and social support around the women, children and youth that participate in our free creative and public programming throughout South Western Sydney. We work at our Community House in Fairfield and via outreach to lower the social, cultural, psychological and economic barriers to full participation in communities characterised by migration, refugee settlement and displacement. We work to improve the wellbeing of women, children and youth through the arts, individualised support and collective processes.

WITH HEART will fund skilled psychologists, social workers and bilingual community workers to ensure our community flourishes and grows.

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