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107 Projects Incorporated is a registered charity that uses creativity to renew and re-purpose places in ways that foster social change and create positive human interactions. We create places for people to connect and share in the exploration of emerging ideas. We curate and manage diverse programs that reflect the diverse communities we serve.

Our vision is to nurture places with purpose. Ones that promote progressive ideas in a safe, inclusive and flexible environment. We are always adapting, expressing and evolving. We embrace the sharing stories and understand the immense multitude of perspectives and lenses.

We make artists and cultural participation accessible through community place making, creative spaces, artist education, public art projects and our social enterprise model.

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​​107’s Art Somewhere program facilitates creative hangouts providing all the materials, space and support people need to get creative. The project removes barriers to creativity - materials are expensive, space is limited, and sometimes people don’t know where to begin. We provide an inclusive and friendly space, where people can experiment and connect with others.

This has resulted in an engaged community of locals, many from vulnerable groups within Sydney, who rely on this event to provide accessible opportunities to participate, create, and build a sense of community. Many artworks contribute to larger public outcomes, extending benefit to the wider community.

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Be Kind Sydney Prize Reward


Mario Eric Rose


Amy Noble



Love what you do!


Mary Lynne Pidcock


Patrick William

It is an honour to support a dedicated team making art inclusive and accessible to all Australians.


Linh Pham

Solving problems with creativity. Good luck with the fund raise team!


Wilfried Keller

sounds good project - have fun


Anonymous .


Marilyn And Constantine Tiliacos



Hope you exceed the target. Good on you for doing this.


Natalie Rose

Go 107!


Mayu Kanamori

Thank you to 107. You have made all the difference.




Sigrid Keller

Hi Paddy. Best of luck with your charity.




Tyler Fitzpatrick


Keller Ruth

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