107 Projects Inc

Fundraising for: 107 Projects Inc

Fundraising for: 107 Projects Inc


107 is your local, independent, inclusive Charity. We are 70% self-funded and everything we do loops back into supporting the creativity and well-being of our local communities. Our ethos is to create positive social change and connect communities through our main pillars:

107 Places - We manage and curate inclusive and inspiring places that support a variety of programs. Our current locations are 107 REDFERN, 107 GREEN SQUARE and 107 SOUTH EVELEIGH. We also curate and manage temporary spaces and pop-up venues in partnership with the owners/operators.

107 Programs - 107 provides a range of programming across our managed sites and a variety of other venues and precincts. Regardless of what type of event or location, we focus on connecting people together and to place. This is achieved through our 107 Creative Program, Residency Program, 107 Presents program and our Social Impact Programs.

107 Agency - Our dedicated social enterprise arm of the business, focusing on delivering bold creative solutions, products and services predominantly throughout the Greater Sydney metropolitan area and regional NSW.

107 Pathways - We help nurture professional and personal growth for our staff and community through the provision of mentoring, training, workshops, career development, volunteer programs, and educational opportunities.

Program donations fund:

107’s Creativity & Connection: 107’s Social Impact Initiatives help to combat loneliness and connect communities through a central pillar of creativity. Our Hacksounds program offers experimental music exploration for all ages while Art Somewhere creates the opportunity for artistic expression at all skill levels. Free Feed invites those who are in need to share in a nutritious hot meal with others in the community. Crips & Creeps is a monthly comedy night created by comedians with disabilities, with inclusivity at its core, and always includes an AUSLAN translator. And central to all of these programs, is that we host them in a welcoming and inclusive environment and they are open to anyone.

Our social impact initiatives bring together disparate cross sections of the community to experience creative nourishment, bringing people together with creativity as the tool for connection. Creativity and connection are fundamental ideals underpinning everything we do at 107 - bringing together diverse people, ideas, cultures helps us to develop a resilient and sustainable society.

107 has seen a resounding effect on individuals participating in our social impact programs, as we offer low-cost, inclusive activities that give audiences the tools to learn and engage with different creative practices. By reducing barriers for both creatives and audiences, we increase participation. Through a diverse mix of programming we reach a broad audience that can connect and contribute across artforms.

Artists are initiators for inspiring imagination in people, and through their works and stories they encourage the wider community to connect, communicate and reflect on society. Their contribution to community cohesion benefits societies economically, socially and culturally.

Funds raised will be used to support the facilitators and contributors to our social impact programs, providing pathways for artists, social enterprises, and community members to provide and experience creative and community nourishment. Funds will also be used to provide the materials, and physical items needed to continue providing our social impact initiatives.

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