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Driven by a long-term vision to ‘see all young Australians thrive in the future world of work’ and mitigate social inequities, the ABCN Scholarship Foundation (the Foundation) was launched in 2013 to empower high-potential young people from low socio-economic backgrounds to achieve their full potential. The Foundation’s aim is to level the playing field so that every young Australian has the opportunity to succeed.

The foundation seeks to improve Year 12 completion rates and facilitate transition to further education, training, or employment of extraordinary but disadvantaged students. Collaboration with school principals has highlighted financial assistance alone is not enough for many students, and to achieve real impact financial relief must be combined with ongoing mentoring support.

The Foundation has awarded 183 Accelerate Scholarships since 2013; connecting students with corporate mentors, workplace exposure and opportunities that they would otherwise not have access to, through our valuable network of leading businesses.

Scholarships are open to Year 10 students experiencing economic, family, or social challenges preventing them from pursuing their desired pathway. Applications are assessed against predetermined criteria based on student merit, disadvantage level and need. Additionally, targeted scholarships are offered for specific cohorts such as First Nations, refugee, female, and remote students.

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Gender inequity is exacerbated for young women in low-SES communities as they bear the burden of domestic/carer responsibilities. For those from non-English speaking backgrounds often cultural expectation dictate boys' education takes priority. This project seeks to break this cycle providing 4 high-potential disadvantaged female students in Sydney with the opportunity to change their future. Scholarship recipients (40 total) receive a unique combination of mentoring and financial support. For these students, achieving their potential means are less reliance on welfare, demonstrating instead that it is possible to break the cycle of disadvantage, irrespective of gender, background, ethnicity, or any other distinction.

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