Asylum Seekers Centre ASC

Fundraising for: Asylum Seekers Centre ASC

Fundraising for: Asylum Seekers Centre ASC


The Asylum Seekers Centre (ASC) is a place of welcome that provides practical support for people living in the community who are seeking asylum. Recognising our shared humanity, we extend our welcome, respect and support.

While people seeking asylum are waiting (often for years) for the Australian Government to consider their application for protection, they have no safety net, and limited government assistance. Many have lost the family and community connections most of us depend on for support in our everyday lives.

By focusing on wellbeing, fundamental needs and independence, and a client-led approach, we aim for people not only to survive, but thrive.

ASC’s primary objective is to assist with basic living needs and planning for the future, so people seeking asylum become independent and valued members of the community.
We offer a range of services under one roof: casework, financial assistance, women’s safety and emergency accommodation, healthcare, employment & training, groceries and recreational activities.

We build community goodwill, creating opportunities to provide practical and emotional support, and advocating for a more humane approach to people seeking asylum in our country.

In FY2021-2022 we supported just under 4000 people living in the Sydney community. One quarter were children.

Program donations fund:

The Asylum Seekers Centre is creating a Women’s Support Group to promote wellbeing and encourage social connectedness: creating a sense of belonging, community connections, and helping overcome loneliness and social isolation. Our Women’s Support Group gives 30-35 women seeking asylum the opportunity to participate in regular activities that improve their health and wellbeing, and create a social network.

$10,000 will go a long way to cover the costs involved in delivering our community engagement activities, including visits to the theatre, art galleries, music concerts and participation in team sports, music groups and sewing, cooking and arts and crafts.

The funds will also support our Community Engagement staff to ensure that people's needs are met and that they feel safe and supported in these new environments. We’ll empower participants to co-design the program, with workshops aimed at understanding their needs and aspirations and gathering their input into the type of activities on offer.

“Finding people who are not from your community, who are not even from your culture…and they are ready to help, that was really an amazing thing.” – ASC client

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