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Batyr is a for-purpose preventative mental health organisation, created and driven by young people, for young people. Since the outbreak of Covid-19 and resulting lockdowns, over 60% of young people have reported struggling with stress and feelings of isolation. Sadly, many are not sharing these feelings of heightened anxiety, nor are they reaching out for help with their friends, family or professional services. Batyr is working with schools, universities and workplaces to help young people through this difficult period.

By facilitating peer-to-peer sharing and empowering students to reach out, Batyr is promoting early help-seeking to avoid crisis care. Programs are delivered across NSW, QLD, VIC, SA and WA.

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This funding will support 2 x batyr@school programs reaching over 300 young people. These are 60 - 90 minute programs for students in years 9 - 12. Young, relatable speakers engage the students with their stories of hope, resilience and courage in their experiences with mental ill-health. Trained facilitators educate students on the support networks and services available to them (on site and external), and empower students to reach out for help when needed. Students gain tips on how to proactively take charge of their mental help and support a friend who might be going through a rough time, through batyr’s 5 tips.

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