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Fundraising for: Be Centre Foundation

Fundraising for: Be Centre Foundation


Since 2008 Be Centre has been dedicated to early intervention, stopping cycles of harm – helping children heal so that they can create brighter futures for themselves, their families and the community.

Be Centre is a unique charity which offers age-appropriate mental health support through Play and Creative Therapies for children aged 3-12 years (and their families) impacted by trauma such as domestic violence, neglect, abuse, illness and grief, bullying, family breakdown, parental drug and alcohol abuse, depression and anxiety and other serious life challenges.

Being the largest dedicated Play Therapy Charity in Australia, the highly trained and experienced Therapists provide specialised programs to help children make sense of situations and events, explore and express their feelings, restore trust and build self-confidence, life skills and resilience so they can grow up with prospects not problems.

Program donations fund:

Be Centre’s ‘Hear Me Play’ program is an early intervention program providing 12 weekly individual play and creative therapy sessions to vulnerable children with direct experiences of trauma. Children who are at-risk and cannot afford services will receive funded scholarships so they can heal.

Under the supervision of a dedicated Therapist, each child can play out their inner and real-life experiences in a way that rewires the physical and emotional patterns of trauma.

Therapists assess the child’s risks and identify therapeutic goals with the parent/carer which allows the child to make sense of their difficult experiences, to increase their capacity to manage their emotions and to build their confidence whilst supporting them to achieve developmental milestones. Parents also receive additional play-at-home techniques and regular counselling to enhance each child’s recovery during and beyond play therapy. Will provide hope and healing to four at-risk and vulnerable children and their families following trauma.

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