Dandelion Support Network Inc

Fundraising for: Dandelion Support Network Inc

Fundraising for: Dandelion Support Network Inc


Dandelion Support Network is a grassroots not-for-profit that supports children and families in need. Our team accepts, sorts and safety checks children’s new and preloved clothes and nursery items for families in need. We work with hospitals and
support agencies to provide these items to the families. Once the items are ready for their new home, they are packed with love ready for a new family.

Dandelion supports vulnerable families experiencing need including families experiencing domestic violence, living with disability, living with mental health diagnoses, at risk of homelessness, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families and newly arrived refugees. The assistance from Dandelion can be life changing and transformative. Dandelion empowers families to focus on the well-being and development of their children by showing they are supported by their community. Our service also reduces financial stress, can improve mental health and helps families feel less isolated.

Last year our team of 6 staff and 80 volunteers partnered with 669 social workers at 227 Social Welfare agencies and hospitals across 35 LGAs to support 1988 families.

Program donations fund:

We do not receive government funding and do not charge for our services (to ensure it is available to all disadvantaged families) so we continually fundraise, apply for grants and work towards partnerships to allow us to continue our work.

Raising this $10,000 will allow us to help 50 disadvantaged families located in Greater Sydney and the Illawarra region with items so their children can sleep and travel safely, while allowing us to concentrate our limited funds on other items and services necessary to run our organisation, which in turn allows us to keep up with the increasing numbers of families we are assisting each month.

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