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Exodus offers a holistic and inclusive service that values, empowers and supports individuals and families on their journey of growth, healing and recovery. We work with individuals from all demographics, cultures and communities, including children, young people, families, seniors and refugees, to create a sense of community and connectedness. At Exodus we have a non-judgment all-inclusive policy to help anyone who needs it. There is no criteria that a person needs to meet to receive support. Everything Exodus does is client-centered and if Exodus cannot support a person then they are assisted with referrals to the appropriate service.

Program donations fund:

The funds raised will go towards the Grounded Initiative which aims to support CALD women in the community through strengthening their capacity to support, respond and network with other women. Grounded will provide both education and fellowship, but will also support women in financial need, support with counselling and case management and support for women impacted by Domestic and Family Violence. This kind of support helps a woman start her journey to recovery and rebuilding herself. Exodus would also like to increase the number of women it can provide this essential service to.

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