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On average, eight women a day are hospitalised after being assaulted by their spouse or partner - One in 12 women hospitalised for intimate partner violence are pregnant - On average, one woman per week is killed by her partner or spouse. Intimate partner violence "produces fear and self-doubt; it threatens a person’s life goals, safety and even survival' and limits participation". Experts agree ‘women-central’ treatment continues to be best-practice, yet is overlooked by policy and funding priorities, and not embedded in services, which fail to provide beyond immediate crisis response. Hope and Heal addresses this, empowering survivors to take charge of their own health and wellbeing, learning self-driven recovery. The retreats are for women who have left abusive relationships and are not in a crisis. Most funding and support focuses on the immediate crisis period. There is little or no support for women that have left abusive relationships and continue to suffer from the ongoing physical and psychological effects of abuse.  

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Our trauma informed retreats have been carefully developed in consultation with Domestic Violence experts, survivors and health/ wellbeing experts, with foundations in empirical data on strategies, to equip and empower women with tools to overcome the enduring effects of trauma, and begin to participate in society. These include: Daily programme designed to provide an insight into the proven tools and strategies to help them cope/deal with the ongoing physical and psychological effects of domestic violence and trauma. These practical tools empower women to take charge of their health and wellbeing, and allow them to feel safe and explore how their recovery enables their economic and social participation. These skills are invaluable to survivors and address the need to empower women with self-driven tools for recovery. Hope and Heal also runs online zoom meditation, yoga and Breathwork sessions for women post retreat to help them continue their healing journey and continue the connection and support, particularly during the challenging and isolation experienced during the COVID pandemic.

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