National Centre for Childhood Grief

Fundraising for: National Centre for Childhood Grief

Fundraising for: National Centre for Childhood Grief


Since 1994, the National Centre for Childhood Grief (NCCG) in Sydney has provided specialist counselling to bereaved children aged 3-17 years and their families, following the death of a parent, sibling or other loved one.

We provide world-renowned professional bereavement counselling, group programs, adventure camps, publish books and resources for families, provide professional education and outreach care to organisations impacted by a bereavement, such as schools and businesses. All our children's services are free and unlimited, so there is no financial barrier to care and children can access support as and when they need it.

Parental and sibling bereavement is one of life's most painful and traumatic experiences, particularly for a child, with life-long impacts. The impacts of grief are often misunderstood in our society, misdiagnosed and mismanaged. Specialist care is very limited, especially for children under 13 years. Our purpose is to help bereaved children and their families to accommodate this significant grief and build their precious memories of the loved one who has died, along with the knowledge, skills and resilience needed to live a full and meaningful life.

The NCCG and its 'A Friend's Place' services for children are 85% funded by community donations.

Program donations fund:

The NCCG is currently building a new care centre at Hornsby in Sydney, so we can care for more bereaved children aged 3-17 years, following the death of their parent or sibling.

We need $10,000 to renovate three new counselling rooms, especially designed to suit specific age groups - a Preschoolers Room (3-6years), Primary Kids Room (7-12 years) and Teenagers Room (13-17 years).
These new counselling rooms need to be welcoming, safe and entertaining spaces, where deeply traumatised children can feel nurtured, explore and share their grief and memories of their loved one who has died.

The donated funds will be invested in age-appropriate furniture, decor items, toys and counselling resources.

Any additional donations above our initial target will be invested in providing free bereavement care counselling sessions to children 3-17 years in need. 

The cost of professional counselling can be a major barrier to care, especially for families who have had a parent and wage-earner die. Our free programs for children are a critical support for hundreds of families every year.

Thank you so much for your support.

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I am forever grateful for the work that Di and Mal McKissock have done and educated so many health practitioners about what is not taught in so many university and related formal training programs. Thank you all. Julie


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Good luck!



Keep doing a great job!


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Thank you so much for supporting my kids.


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Such a beautiful,warm,caring & loving place run by all!


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Hoping my donation helps this cause.


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Wishing you all the best getting the new rooms ready!


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Your work is nothing short of amazing. Thanks for what you have done for my children so far.


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Mal & Di, what a wonderful organisation you have always been involved with.


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All the best for your fundraising appeal towards your new premises.


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I love the service you provide for children in need.


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