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Fundraising for: Orana NSW Inc

Fundraising for: Orana NSW Inc


Orana is non-for-profit organisation based in the Sutherland Shire, with two centres based in Sutherland and Gymea. Orana has worked in the community for over 50 years, specifically with those people who are experiencing any form of social isolation and/or financial hardship. We work efficiently to meet the needs of the community, ensuring that our community is valued, supported, and connected. We run a very successful home visiting service for families in the Sutherland Shire in need of in-home support, Orana Carers Connect is a program supporting carers through support groups, resilience groups and social connectedness. Orana Safety and Healing program is a women's domestic violence service offering counselling and case management, we have 2 bi-weekly community meal services, emergency food relief, psychology sessions, support groups, information and referral and many more programs.

Program donations fund:

Orana Carers Connect - unfunded program. Many people don't see themselves as a carer. They are just children, parents, partners, or friends who care for someone close to them who has a disability, mental ill health, dementia, chronic ill health, drug/alcohol dependency, terminal, or serious illness or frail aged. Carers NSW estimates that 1 in 8 NSW residents is a carer and it has been found that carers have the lowest levels of health and well-being of any group.

The Sutherland Shire has over 22,000 registered carers and with the closure of Sutherland Shire Carers Support Service in November 2021, Orana has taken on the provision of service to this cohort. This program is for carers to share their journey with other who understand their unique challenges by providing an invaluable space for social support and wellness education focussing on carer social, physical and psychological wellbeing. Our carer groups have proven to significantly increase the overall wellbeing of carers. Our groups for carers include Carer Wellbeing and Resilience Group, Dementia Carers Support Groups, Grandparents as Carers Support Group, Challenges of Parenting Adult Children (COPAC) Support Group for parent of teenagers and adults who have mental health issues and/or drug and alcohol issues. Spanish Speaking Carers Support Group and Greek Speaking Carers Support Group. We have between 60-70 people attending these groups each month. While we were grateful to receive funds from Sutherland Shire Carers Support Service upon closure of this service, we have only 6 months left of funding to be able to continue this support to carers.

Funds raised through the Be Kind Sydney Campaign will help us to continue all the groups for a further 6 months during which time we will seek funding through Clubs NSW and government grants. Quote from one of our group participants...“I NEED this group! It has been such a source of support and information. I feel like I can keep going as I gain strength from being with other Carers who get what it’s like. I can’t thank Clare enough for running this great group!” - Grandparents Group Carer A carer is someone who looks after a relative or friend who has a disability, chronic illness or is frail and older.

Orana Carers Connect offers a range of free monthly support groups for carers to connect, support each other and be supported by professional workers. Connection, mindfulness, and resilience are valuable skills for every carer and are strategies we teach within these groups. Learning how to manage stress and look after themselves so that they can continue to look after others, maintaining their own health and wellbeing in their journey of caring for their loved ones.

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