Paddy Meredith-Keller

Fundraising for: 107 Projects

Why I'm taking part in the Be Kind Sydney Day of Giving

Through the generosity of donations 107 Projects makes creative playgrounds that capture the ever-evolving nature of artistic expression and our roots as a space for experimentation and discovery.

A gift of $500 can provide local neighbourhoods with space to connect and experience creative endeavour, benefiting 9 artists and 95 members of community.

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Thank you to my Sponsors


Mario Eric Rose


Wilfried Keller

sounds good project - have fun


Marilyn And Constantine Tiliacos



Hope you exceed the target. Good on you for doing this.


Natalie Rose

Go 107!


Mayu Kanamori

Thank you to 107. You have made all the difference.




Sigrid Keller

Hi Paddy. Best of luck with your charity.




Keller Ruth