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Project Youth supports young people aged 12 to 24 who face complex trauma and significant disadvantage. We operate across the South Sydney region, offering trauma informed, individual, group and therapeutic programs that enable young people to be connected, safe, achieving and healthy. We believe all young people deserve the opportunity to thrive – regardless of the disadvantages they may face. Our programs are designed to offer wrap-around supports, recognising that often young people need help in more than one area of their lives to thrive and achieve their potential. Established in 1992, Project Youth has progressively grown to now deliver 23 programs across three streams:

1. Early intervention – we provide drop-in, school based, outreach and peer-support programs for young people who are in contact with the justice system, disengaged from education or at risk of this, engaging in unsafe behaviours like alcohol and other drug abuse, or experiencing challenges with family and other relationships.

2. Housing and homelessness – we offer a three-stage housing support program spanning crisis refuges, transitional housing and semi-independent accommodation.

3. Education, employment and training – we help young people remain in education and up-skill for employment and connect them with local jobs.

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Project Educate supports up to 10 young people per year, from disadvantaged backgrounds, that are missing from education, to re-engage in learning within an alternative education setting. Engagement in education is a key factor in producing equitable social and employment outcomes for young people, as well as being a protective factor for well-being. It provides the opportunity to thrive in society thereby avoiding poverty, homelessness and unemployment. Project Educate is an alternative education school where young people will be engaged through flexible learning, hands on practical skills, trauma-informed support, mentoring and transition into further education, employment and training.

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Great work you do Project Youth. Keep it up.


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Anonymous .


Be Kind Sydney Prize Reward


Nell Diruwan

Helping Youth at Risk!


Ashleigh W

I wish I could donate more because without you guys I wouldn’t be where I am today! You helped me when I was down and out and really got me on the right path for me and my children. Such a beautiful organisation and you do amazing things!!


Caroline Fonda

Love your work team!

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