Fundraising for: ReLove

Fundraising for: ReLove


At ReLove we are driven by the need to help people living in crisis establish a home. Whilst securing housing can be a considerable challenge, we know that the ability to make a home is a crucial step in supporting people to restart their lives.

We rescue furniture at scale from corporates, hotels and suppliers with excess stock and redistribute to people accessing safe housing at the time they need it most.

At  ReLove we have an ambitious goal to re-home 1,000 families in crisis over the next year by giving them the dignity to choose how they want to live. We have set up our Botany warehouse as a Free Store, so people can visit us and select everything they want to furnish their homes. This gives our clients agency at a time of great disempowerment. 
An environmentally sustainable solution to this silent crisis on our doorstep.

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Re-Love has opened a Free Store to support people in crisis establish homes. These funds will support our goal of establishing homes for 1000 women and children escaping domestic violence and homelessness in the next year. Our visitors can shop for everything they need to make their house a home. We believe that everyone should have the dignity to choose how they would like to live.

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