Keeping Women Out of Prison - KWOOP

Fundraising for: Keeping Women Out of Prison - KWOOP

Fundraising for: Keeping Women Out of Prison - KWOOP


The KWOOP Coalition is an independent, authoritative voice advocating evidence based support, and is sub-fund of the Sydney Community Foundation. Its purpose is to influence NSW systems, policy and practice in order to reduce the number of women in prison and to minimise the impacts on their families and children. 

The process of serving a custodial sentence can be overwhelmingly confusing, stressful, and for many, unknown. Individuals may have had little prior experience with the justice system, been in court before, or spent time in prison. They may have children in their care they are concerned about, have complex bail conditions they need to comply with, or are just generally unsure of what prison will be like. Each women’s journey in the justice system is different, and a down-to-earth, simple guide can help women understand this process and what to expect.  

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The Arrest to Release Project is an innovation born and developed through women who have lived this experience and noted all the small things they wish they had known through this process. This project is the first to bring together the body of overwhelming and confusing information out there into a unique, user-friendly guide that provides respected and accurate information that can be accessed before, during and after prison. With the help of your donations, women can feel empowered at each stage from arrest to release

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