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We are a voice for women and a force for change. Sydney Women’s Fund has over a decade’s experience in co-designing and funding innovative grassroots projects across Greater Sydney assisting local women and families in greatest need. Our research and engagement with local communities means the programs we create, design, and those we support with funds from our donors, are tailored to contemporary need.

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Sydney Women's Fund is increasing our focus on addressing women's financial vulnerability and pathways to employment to ensure their financial independence, and their safety. We work with local grassroots charities providing supported learning and job skills opportunities. This includes the provision of childcare, case work, referrals to specialists for targeted mental health care, navigating the Australian recruitment process and building a healthy relationship with managing money.

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good on you George


Georgina Byron


Ginette Snow




Grace Hendrie

i couldnt be happier to donate Georgie. Good on you xxx


Fiona Ford




Lil’ Bro, Tommy Snow

Go Georgie! Love your work


Kaye And Steve Knowles


Erik And Kylie

A great initiative. Good luck with the goals.


Scarlett Gaffey

Great stuff Georgie, you’re fabulous


Nean Furphy

Love this. Xo


Lucy Steed

A great cause at a critical time for many. Well done Georgie


Kate Ashton

So happy to support 😘


Karen Donnelly


Heidi Davies



Sophie Dawson

Go Georgie! Thanks for always being kind and thinking of people who are not as lucky as us.


Lucy Davis

So happy to donate to such a wonderful cause. Good on you George!!! Love your work!!! xoxo


Penny Family

Great initiative, well done


Steph Moran

Great cause. Thank you for fostering more kindness in our community Georgina and the team at Sydney Community Foundation


Sarah Nairn


Natasha Blain

Wonderful initiative, fabulous you, for all that you do.


Miss Tara C O'reilly


Erin Keneally


Gaby Naher


Kylie Von Muenster

Great initiative!!




Rikki Andrews

All the best for a great giving campaign

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