Sydney Womens Fund (SWF)

Fundraising for: Sydney Womens Fund (SWF)

Fundraising for: Sydney Womens Fund (SWF)


We are a voice for women and a force for change. Sydney Women’s Fund has over a decade’s experience in co-designing and funding innovative grassroots projects across Greater Sydney assisting local women and families in greatest need. Our research and engagement with local communities means the programs we create, design, and those we support with funds from our donors, are tailored to contemporary need.

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Sydney Women's Fund is increasing our focus on addressing women's financial vulnerability and pathways to employment to ensure independence and safety. We work with local grassroots charities providing supported learning and job skills opportunities. This includes the provision of childcare, case work, referrals to specialists for targeted mental health care, navigating the Australian recruitment process and building a healthy relationship with managing money.

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Love you Nicky Vercoe - doing a fab job and so many great ventures worthy of support x


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Hi Nicky, well done for kicking this along. chrs JT & Christine

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