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The Shepherd Centre (TSC) not-for-profit organisation which supports deaf children and their families. We specialise in development of speech and communication skills, as well as emotional resilience and good mental health. These are all areas where hearing-impaired children need intensive clinical support. Without these skills, they are at risk of long-term disadvantage and exclusion from the community. However, TSC’s support empowers them to overcome the challenges of their disability, succeed in school, participate in the community, and reach their full potential in life. 95% of our children develop the speech and communication skills they need to thrive in a mainstream school, setting them up for lives of success and prosperity, just like any other individual. TSC is unique, as we are the only organisation of our kind which provides intensive counselling services for hearing-impaired children and their families.
We have seen a 54% increase in demand for these counselling services during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are determined to meet this demand, and ensure that our children and their families are well-supported, and that they can remain strong and resilient in spite of these unprecedented challenges.

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TSC is the only organisation providing intensive counselling services for deaf children and their families.

Therefore, we play a crucial role in supporting the mental health of local communities, especially during COVID-19, when everyday challenges of living with a disability are compounded by further distress/uncertainty.

We provide a unique counselling program, ‘Care in Crisis’, including:
- Development of emotional resilience and social skills/positive behaviours in hearing-impaired children;
- Supporting wellbeing of parents as they grapple with the challenges of raising a hearing-impaired child;
- Crucially, empowering families to cope with these challenges despite the distress and social/economic disruption of COVID-19.

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