Thread Together

Fundraising for: Thread Together

Fundraising for: Thread Together


Thread Together is the most ethical solution to fashion excess. We partner with the fashion industry to collect end-of-line new stock that otherwise would have gone to landfill and distribute it to people in need nationwide. Thread Together supports the fashion industry in two profound ways; driving sustainability and circularity by keeping excess stock in circulation at its highest value while also creating a channel for their clothing to afford dignity and hope to vulnerable people who are in need of new clothing.

Thread Together is continually evolving by working with the latest technology to ensure all garments are kept in circulation in the most sustainable and ethical way.

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The clothes we choose to wear not only protect us from the elements but reflect and affect our confidence and self-esteem. In Australia one in eight adults and one in six children do not have adequate access to essential clothing. Circumstances and disadvantage should not prevent people from accessing clothing to allow them to realise their full potential.

Thread Together addresses this uncomfortable truth by providing new clothes to those in need. This includes women escaping domestic violence, homeless adults and children, and those who just arrived in the country seeking refuge.

New clothing is also provided to the long-term unemployed, seeking equal standing when going to an interview, those coming out of long-term health care, and many who are rebuilding their lives after being devastated by the droughts, the recent bushfires and now the pandemic.

Thread Together would use funds raised for Be Kind Sydney Day to help to continue to clothe people who are doing it tough. For $5 we can provide a complete new wardrobe of clothing to someone who has recently left a domestic violent situation, experiencing homelessness or has found themselves in a vulnerable position.

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