Women's and Girls' Emergency Centre (WAGEC)


Women's and Girls' Emergency Centre (WAGEC) is a grassroots, feminist organisation based in Sydney, supporting women and children who have experienced homelessness, domestic violence and social disadvantage. Our core work is providing crisis support to women and children through accommodation, material aid, psychological support, crisis responses and case management. Equally we seek to address the underlying causes of domestic violence, homelessness and gender inequality through primary prevention activities with communities, businesses and systems. Each night at WAGEC we are accommodating about 200 women and children. We are working to help build safe futures for all women and families.

Program donations fund:

  • WAGEC's SEED Program was designed to meet the Social, Emotional, Educational and Developmental needs of children and young people and their carers who have experienced trauma or violence. SEED provides enriching activities that address the impact of adverse childhood experiences. By combatting the effects of trauma, we are helping kids reach their full potential and giving them the tools they need to encourage a positive and safe life trajectory.

    SEED Program interventions include:

  • Parenting Support: Supported playgroup and evidence-based parenting programs focused on building parenting skills and attachment to combat the detrimental effects that domestic violence has on the mother-child relationship,  building parenting capacity, in partnership with government agencies and strengthened community support.

  • Education: Tutoring program to tailor educational needs to ensure that children are not left behind academically.

  • Therapeutic children's programs that focus on building social skills, resilience and wellbeing to address the effects of trauma, and provide an opportunity to socialise with their peers.

  • Individual and family therapeutic intervention delivered by an in-house clinical psychologist.

  • School Holiday Program: social, wellbeing, physical and creative activities and excursions, as well as family fun days.

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