Fundraising for: 4Voices

Fundraising for: 4Voices


4 Voices is a volunteer-driven NFP, and since March 2020, (with a team of 160 volunteers) it has been providing outreach services at 10 locations in SE Queensland from a customised off-grid van called “Aurora” equipped with TV, phones, laptops, printer/scanner/copier and Wi-Fi. 4 Voices is a one stop connection shop, providing free services vulnerable and disadvantaged women. We provide free social, digital, employment and community connection services. We focus on supporting people who have difficulty connecting because of fear, shame, embarrassment, poor English, no support, insufficient intellectual capability, no access to technology and/or are computer illiterate.

We also provide free phone support services, helping women navigate the challenges in their lives, with weekly conversations and emotional support. We provide free mobile phones and SIM cards enabling women to communicate with their friends, family, essential services, schools and/or hospitals.

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COVID 19 birthed a new pandemic, one of disconnection. All of us has been lonely during the last two years, and we have all had to do more and more on devices like laptops and mobile phones. A lot of us have adapted. But what about the thousands of women who have been isolated, trapped in their own homes with abusers, or struggling silently on the streets without support. What about all the vulnerable women without phones or devices?

This project will address the pandemic of disconnection in Sydney. 4 Voices will be launching a new outreach connection service in Sydney in late November. We provide social and digital connection services from a mobile hub. Her name will be Snowflake. The funds will help us nourish Snowflake (fuel) and the vulnerable people we support (morning and afternoon teas). It will help us provide training and uniforms for our volunteers and will enable us to start operating in 10 different locations each week in Sydney.

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