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Support 100 local charities and help change a life

Campaign Live from 13-27 November

Make your donation count -
Campaign officially closes 27 November

Donate now and double your impact*

Do you want to do some good in your hood, but find it hard to pick a worthy charity in your neighbourhood?

You can support one (or more!) of the 100 participating charities in this year’s Be Kind Sydney campaign. We know these charities well and can vouch for the life-changing work they do for Sydneysiders doing it tough.

Please get behind changemakers in your area through our campaign!

You’ll be helping support their essential work, such as:  

Offering a helping hand to the 1 in 6 adults who haven’t had enough to eat in the last year.

Assisting the 1 in 5
people that have been facing mental health problems.

Providing support to the 1 in 3 young women who have experienced physical or sexual violence.

Helping the
1 in 6 children
who are living in poverty.

Give to the Be Kind Sydney cause area that speaks to you.

From Western Sydney to Northern Beaches, Eastern suburbs to Sydney South, select your cause and change the life of a Sydneysider.

All donations to charity partners are matched, dollar for dollar* and, all donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Women &

Poverty & Homelessness

Domestic Violence

Health & Wellbeing

at Risk

Education & Employment Pathways

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander


Refugee & Asylum Seekers

Food &


Social Enterprise

*All donations are matched dollar for dollar until matched funding runs out.
Each charity partner participating in the Be Kind Sydney campaign has been allocated a portion of the matched funding pool.

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